All classes are held in the shop at Mill No. 5, 250 Jackson Street, Lowell. Join a group of 8-10 cheese enthusiasts to taste, talk, and learn! Classes are $40 per person unless otherwise noted. Students receive a 10% discount on shop purchases after class. See full class descriptions at the bottom of this page.

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Saturday, October 13: Cheddar-Off: Cheese Tasting with IPAs 

Sunday, October 14: Orange Wine from Slovenia


Join us at Mill No. 5 on the first Friday of the month for a special “deep dive” focus on a particular style of cheese, with pairings and recipe suggestions. All classes begin at 7 pm.

November 2: Wild and Wooly: Exploring Sheeps’ Milk Cheese

December 7: The Hills Are Alive: Alpine Cheeses


Thursday,  October 25: Cheese and Chocolate


Learn about Ruosalp and the Herger Family:September 15 – October 15

Transhumance celebration: Sunday, October 5, noon – 2pm

Class Descriptions

We offer the following classes on a regular basis, and are happy to design a custom class for your group or event! All classes include written material, pairing suggestions and, if appropriate, wine and other beverage pairings. Classes are held at Mill No. 5 in Lowell. In the mean time, if you’d like to have some fun with coworkers or host a cheese tasting for friends at home, contact Beth to talk about designing a class just for you!

Cheese 101 – Sample a cheese from each of the basic families of cheesemaking styles, from fromage blanc to blue. We’ll learn some cheese history and science, talk about milk and why it matters, and learn how to identify flavor components. Class includes samples of six to seven cheeses and accompaniments.

Women Behind the Wheel – Some of our best cheesemakers in the United States today are women. Celebrate our sisters with tastes of 6 to 8 artisan cheeses and some accompaniments made by creative local women in food. You’ll leave with a personalized tasting journal!

Cheese and Chocolate – It sounds almost too good to be true, but cheese and chocolate are perfect partners. With lots of variety and complex floral notes, chocolate is a beautiful complement to cheeses from chevre to Alpines to blues. We’ll sample six different combinations and compare notes on a few “perfect bite” recipes. Be prepared to challenge your preconceptions about how to eat chocolate and combine it with other flavors!

Tea and Cheese – You know that cheese loves beer and wine, but do you know that cheese and tea are long-standing best friends? It’s true – the herbal flavor notes in many teas are the perfect complement for grassy, fruity, nutty cheeses. And why do we stock so many jams and preserves in the shop? Because the right pairing of cheese with something sweet makes the flavors sing! We’ll sample a range of different cheese, tea and jam styles, and you’ll leave with a sample of your favorite pairing. Learn how to plan a cheese plate around accompaniments for a different spin on a tea party.

Sensory Analysis Workshop – Even if you love food, it can be difficult to find the right words to describe it. Join us for a sensory analysis exercise to develop your understanding of the science behind cheese aroma, taste, texture and color. We’ll start with a blind tasting of some elemental flavors and then move on to tasting cheese and comparing notes. Explore what it means to say a cheese tastes “nutty,” “grassy,” or “sharp.” Learn about how texture and temperature can affect flavor. Surprise yourself by tasting some cheeses outside your comfort zone! Class is limited to 10; advance reservations required.