Monthly Cheese, Wine & Beer Shares

One of the things we prioritize at Mill City Cheesemongers is encouraging a healthy curiosity about food and drink (pun intended!). Our Community Supported Cheese program (“CSC”) and our Wine and Craft Beer Shares are designed to help you try something new and to learn the stories behind your food while you’re tasting.

Much like a CSA that provides a weekly or monthly farm share, our CSC and Shares offer cheese lovers a taste of some special selections every month. We hope shares will give you a chance to meet and make friends with some new and interesting treats! Here’s how it works:

As a shareholder, depending on the program, you’ll receive:

  • a monthly share containing:  three of our favorite cheeses, chosen at their peak ripeness (with the option to add one great bottle of wine to your cheese share); three cans/bottles of craft beer or cider; or three bottles of wine
  • pairing notes and suggestions for beverages and foods that work well with each cheese or beverage selection
  • a special gift upon subscribing (it’s a surprise!)
  • advance notice of members-only tastings and cheese classes


CSC – Community Supported Cheese

Small cheese shares ($25/month) provide an affordable way to learn about new cheeses, and include 4oz. portions of three cheeses. Large shares ($50/month) include half-pound portions of three cheeses with an occasional accompaniment.

Wine Option CSC – if you’re looking for a simple introduction to some wines that pair beautifully with different types of cheese, add one bottle of wine to your monthly cheese share for an additional $20/month.


Craft Beer share memberships ($20/month)  include three cans or bottles of craft beer or cider with information about the producers, tasting notes, and cheese pairing suggestions – plus a little taste of a cheese to pair.




Wine share memberships ($60/month) include three bottles of wine selected exclusively for club members; you won’t see these on our shelves when you receive them, and in many cases they won’t ever appear outside of club subscriptions (we want you to feel special!).


Share  pickups for all programs will begin the month after you join; shares are available for pickup on the first weekend of each month, beginning on the first Friday at 5 pm through Sunday at 5 pm. We’ll happily work with your vacation schedule or hold a share if you can’t make it in to the shop during pickup times, as long as you let us know.

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