Cheese matters!

At Mill City Cheesemongers, we are committed to supporting small-scale producers of artisan and farmstead cheese, libations, and specialty foods. Our cheese and wine comes from people who farm sustainably, prioritize animal welfare, and care deeply about their work.

Our mission is to create a community of like-minded people who appreciate the value of sustainable agriculture, sustainable food, and traditional production methods. We believe that all of these things are essential to the preservation of local agricultural economies and therefore to improving access to good food for everyone.



We’ve compiled a list of resources for consumers who are concerned about animal welfare and sustainability. View a printable copy here.

Mill City Cheesemongers is located on the 4th floor of Mill No. 5, 250 Jackson St, Lowell, Massachusetts. Parking is available at meters on Jackson, Canal, and Middlesex Streets, and at the Edward Early Municipal Garage, one block east of Mill No. 5.

phone: (978) 364-0229